ॐ स्वस्ति अस्तु

Tantra Yoga is built on the principle that true knowledge, wisdom, and awareness of oneself and
all worldly and immaterial concepts can only be attained by uniting all aspects and dimensions of
existence (both known and unknown) into a harmonious relationship that connects us to it on a
spiritual level.


Mudrā Therapy is another non-medical mode to treatment that helps without harming. Mudrās are various postures of fingers and thumbs. Modern science has confirmed that there are concentrations of free electrons surrounding the tips of every finger. When tension is applied to the fingers and parts of the palms, the energy is directed through the body along specified nerve conduit channels (nāḍ īs), radiates from central nerve locations (chakras), and flows back up to the brain. This balancing and re-direction of the internal energy effects change to occur in the veins, tendons, glands, and sensory organs, allowing the body to be returned to a state of wellness. MudrāVijñāna, therefore, is also a neural science as it relates directly to the nerves. In mudrā therapy, different diseases are treated by holding and retaining the fingers and thumbs in different ways. This is a simple measure that surprisingly restores a state of balance in the body and raises the level of the performer’s resistance. With the patient’s immunity thus strengthened, the disease has no other option but to flee.

As a healing modality, the fingers are understood as electrical circuits, re-directing the free flow of energy (prāṇa) that is present in these discharge points. When focused back into the body with intention, specific results can be obtained to achieve balance within. Each finger is characteristic of an element: the thumb is fire (agni), the index finger is air (vāyu), the middle finger is ether (ākāśa), the ring finger earth (pṛthvī), and the little finger is water (jal)

Mantra and Laya

Mantras are words, phrases, or syllables which are chanted thoughtfully and with growing attention. Mantra yoga meditation involves chanting a word or phrase until the mind and emotions are transcended and the superconscious is clearly revealed and experienced. Mantra is a profound and practical method of self-awakening, opening, and self-transcendence. It is a form of yoga that speaks to the deep organic roots of man’s being by
the use of vocalized and mental sound-currents of both audible and inaudible frequencies. These subtle vibrations awaken dormant centers of the brain (most of which are as yet unused in the average being) attuning the psychological, physiological, and spiritual faculties to the primordial and sustaining vibration of creation.
When we come into harmony with the vibratory rate of sub-atomic pulsation in consciousness (as in deep meditation) we hold the key to universal knowledge and self-healing. Among many practitioners of yoga, one finds that the major focus of interest rarely goes beyond that of the physical aspect. The teachings then lead on to the higher experiences of Laya Yoga (the Yoga of Transformation) through the practice of Mantra (sacred mystic syllable repetition) and Nada (the Yoga of Subtle Sound).
Laya is a process of gradual absorption of basic energies that generate our material form so that Consciousness (Chittam) becomes released (liberated, redeemed) from all phenomena that are not spiritual, or where the divine enlightening power of Pure Spirit is concealed inside. One can say that consciousness that is absorbed in
concentration on God and submerged in God, becomes progressively so preoccupied with it that everything that does not represent spirituality discards it and becomes annihilated. What remains is the imperishable existence of the Eternal Spirit, the real substance, and the essence of a human being.

Laya yoga attempts to locate these energy centers and channelize them through meditation. Laya essentially means to dissolve all Karmic patterns or conditioning and merge into the transcendental reality. It also means deep concentration and making an effort to obliterate the ego, thereby rising to a higher state of consciousness, called Turiya. Mantra defines as “mananāttrāyateiti mantra”, that which liberates (trāyate) by constant repetition is a Mantra. Mantra is a sequence of mystic worlds having concentrated thoughts and a very divine potency. The utterance of a mantra can create the cosmic sound vibrations which enable the seeker to attain the state of super consciousness or self-realization. Each mantra creates a stream of specific vibration in the cosmos when chanted in a repeated, rhythmic, and continuous manner. It creates purity, divinity, spirituality, and desired effects in the mind and the life of the seeker.

The mantra is a force like gravitational, electrical, and magnetism. Every word of the mantra has a specific weight, shape, size, form, power, color, and quality. The rhythmic utterance of a mantra can create a specific pattern of waves in the universe which have a definite frequency, vibration, and energy. The sound vibrations produced during mantra chanting are mechanical waves that always require a medium [like solid liquid and gas] for their transmission. Each mantra has a presiding deity to whom it was revealed and attains divine self-realization by meditating on it. The specific deity bestows the powers, fulfillments, and self-realization to the seeker. When we meditate on a particular deity our heart becomes illuminated with his grace, divinity, love, and light, and we attain a superconsciousness state. When we chant the mantras or listen to them, we get the purity of mind and word. This prepares us for meditation. As a result of the sound vibrations, different patterns of the mind re-arrange themselves to become tranquil. Agitation is reduced, helping us to turn inward.
For instance, when we laugh, our happiness increases. When we cry, the heaviness of our sorrow is released. Just the sounds of laughter and crying have helped. Mantras act similarly. Repetition of the Mantras creates a psychological or mental response that is very deep and beyond the realm of words or expression. It can only be experienced. Speech falls short as it cannot go beyond the expression level into the experiential level. When the mind is calm and centered, it can turn inward. Only a mind turned inward can experience the vastness and
beauty of the Divine consciousness. When our focus is outward on the objects of the senses, our mind is scattered and racing behind one craving or another. Physical senses seek to know all about the external universe. Meditation is the tool for inner exploration. The gross or the physical part of the mantra such as the sound vibrations appears to travel in the medium like solid, liquid and gas. But the subtle energy of the mantra travels in the manas or MindSubstance filling all space like ether and it serves as a vehicle for the mantra. Sound wave vibrations produced by mantra chanting have transmission energy losses in the medium because of our limited
range of vocal cord capability and the friction offered by the medium particles. Hence the divine vibrations of the particular mantra might not reach to its final destination of the desired deity due to severe energy losses in the medium.

Hence, modulation of the mantra waves is required. Modulation is the process of facilitating the transfer of information over a medium by mixing low-frequency wave [information signal] to a much higher frequency wave [carrier wave]. Like in a radio transmission the basic audio sound waves are added to the radio wave of having much higher frequency known as the carrier wave to produce a new signal of higher potency which can be
successfully sent in the medium to the desired destination. In the final receiving destination, the desired signals are decoded to achieve the original copy of the sound wave.
Mantra reaches the worshipped deity in the form of sound vibrations reverberating throughout the atmosphere like radio waves and repetitive chanting of a Mantra gives rise to the development of divine energy within and bestows unlimited power on the devotee. Various Mantras have the subtle energies of various deities in a basic form. As before sowing a seed, we cannot see the tree, fruits, and flowers but after we sow that same seed in the soil, it grows into a full-fledged tree and is visible to everyone and this tree also grows fruits and flowers. In the same manner, a Mantra is an external manifestation of the invisible deity within
which after continuous care and watering grows fruits and flowers. The mantra is like a seed. Every seed has
the potential to become a tree. Similarly, these sound vibrations contain all the possibilities of creation. Some mantras are in the seed form, called the bīja mantras. Others are fully expressed, i.e., the fruit of the mantra is
also expressed, such as the gāyatī mantra

Mantras are a secret. That which is kept a secret alerts the sub-conscious mind. The mantras work at the level of consciousness. When we want a seed to sprout, it needs to be sewn into the soil, hidden, a secret. If it is simply thrown around, birds may eat them up. We can read and learn about mantras and their uses from books and the internet but that will only satisfy the intellect and not translate into experience. Every mantra has to be chanted for a definite number of times. Every mantra is a deification of a unique combination of miraculous sound vibrations and divine power of the deity and the deity we worship is the one who bestows its blessings on us and this very frequency of the underlying vibrations in a mantra brings us in communion with the divine deity. The power of a mantra is greater than even the nuclear power and every person gets results in accordance with his own positive or negative vibrations.
Every mantra has been tested and approved by our riṣis and munis. Mantras should be chanted only with a pure heart and mind and it is only the correct pronunciation of a mantra that gives the desired results. Mantras are
such a meditative science in which only by following the proper method one can get the desired results.


Have complete devotion and faith in the Mantra. Repose your complete faith in the deity being worshipped. Keep a peaceful mind. While chanting of Mantras never let your mind is distracted. Concentrate deeply. Put your  complete will power in the chanting of Mantra. Never be afraid while the chanting of Mantra. Never change your place before your Mantra Chanting is complete. After bathing and with complete purity perform the chanting of Mantra.
While chanting of Mantra all these things should be taken special care of. At the same time, always undertake “Saṁkalpa” (resolve) at the starting of the chanting of Mantra and receive its results at the end of the chanting of Mantra.