A series on patanjali yogasutras

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Gyana Yoga

knowledge acquired from ancient manuscripts

Bhakti Yoga

Where one surrenders the self in the empathy of supreme soul

Karma Yoga

Self-less Actions according to Dharma and Virtues

Raja Yoga

Path of Self-Discipline and Enlighting Practices

Hatha Yoga

Balancing the Dichotomic Nature of Self-Existence

Tantra Yoga

The Subtle Science of Tantric Sadhana and Rituals

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I am working as an academician in Human Consciousness from last two decades. My main expertise in Indian Mythology, Philosophy, Tantra, Yoga and Holistic Healing. Since 2012 I am working in South Korea, Wonkwang Digital University, Iksan as a Professor in Yoga and Meditation department.

In my professional career I have conducted more than 200 International seminars, workshops and conferences around the globe related to Indian Pragmatic Mythological Heritage and Yogic Sciences.

Institutional Work Experience​

Yogiraj has 22 years of experience in various capacities at these prestigious insitutions

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I attended Ritanveshi’s programme vibrate with nature and I must say that my experience was way more than my expectations.
St. Petersburg, Russia
It’s like a family of individuals connected together for the purpose- purpose of spreading truth. God Bless them.
group of people doing yoga
I must say that Dr. Rajesh Raj is a vast ocean of knowledge and experience in various aspects of Yoga. I strongly recommend him.
Vienna, Austria